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[i]2012.04.06 18:15:47 Help <Hawklandier Taranogas> i have 2 guys experincing it at around 17% for no reason
[i]2012.04.06 18:15:54 +7s Help <Spork Witch> fuego: that means if the target is smaller than 240m sigradius and / or faster than 96.6m/s, it takes less damage
[i]2012.04.06 18:16:07 +13s Help <Den Mar> Hello. i cant link a contract anymore like before. has CCP chaned this work a other way?
[i]2012.04.06 18:16:18 +11s Help <General Fuego> so the slower ths ship the bigger the damge
[i]2012.04.06 18:16:20 +2s Help <Spork Witch> den: should still work
[i]2012.04.06 18:16:26 +6s Help <Ymir X> ok i got it now thanks
[i]2012.04.06 18:16:27 +1s Help <Spork Witch> fuego: doesn't work that way
[i]2012.04.06 18:16:36 +9s Help <Serenity Lust> fuego think about this adss the explosion happens a fast target can out run the explosion and takes less damage
[i]2012.04.06 18:16:41 +5s Help <Spork Witch> fuego: if the ship is the same size or larger, or the same speed or slower, it takes the "full" damage from the missile
[i]2012.04.06 18:16:47 +6s Help <Lord Rixus> does it make a difference if i do missions for lvl 2 agents in .5 space vs .9?
[i]2012.04.06 18:16:49 +2s Help <Spork Witch> fuego: if it's smaller and/or faster, it applies a penalty to the damage
[i]2012.04.06 18:16:58 +9s Help <Spork Witch> rixus: lower sec = better rewards
[i]2012.04.06 18:17:07 +9s Help <General Fuego> right i think i understand
[i]2012.04.06 18:17:22 +15s Help <Spork Witch> Damage = Base_Damage * MIN(MIN(sig/Er,1) , (Ev/Er * sig/vel)^(log(drf) / log(5.5)) )Wheresig = ship's signaturevel = ship's velocityEr = Explosion Radius of missileEv = Explosion Velocity of missiledrf = Damage Reduction Fact...
[i]2012.04.06 18:17:22 +0s Help <Serenity Lust> also if the target is smaller the amount of exposive force is less because the explosion can warp around the target instead of hitting taking less damage
[i]2012.04.06 18:17:27 +5s Help <Spork Witch> The log function is the natural logarithm, to the base e, often denoted as ln.
[i]2012.04.06 18:17:33 +6s Help <Spork Witch> that's the damage formula for missiles
[i]2012.04.06 18:17:36 +3s Help <Burcina> you cant cloak anymore in your buzzard if someone has locked you right?
[i]2012.04.06 18:17:44 +8s Help <General Fuego> also whats better cruise missiles or torpedoes
[i]2012.04.06 18:17:52 +8s Help <Spork Witch> burcina: you've never been able to cloak if someone has you locked
[i]2012.04.06 18:18:04 +12s Help <Serenity Lust> no cloaking while locked
[i]2012.04.06 18:18:04 +0s Help <Spork Witch> fuego: neither
[i]2012.04.06 18:18:08 +4s Help <Spork Witch> fuego: different tools
[i]2012.04.06 18:18:09 +1s Help <Burcina> k, so cloak asap ;)
[i]2012.04.06 18:18:17 +8s Help <General Fuego> what do you mean?
[i]2012.04.06 18:18:21 +4s Help <Spork Witch> fuego: cruise are long range, torps are high damage but slow
[i]2012.04.06 18:18:37 +16s Help <Serenity Lust> and torps are shorter range
[i]2012.04.06 18:18:40 +3s Help <Spork Witch> fuego: it's apples and oranges. they have different characteristics, for different engagement scenarios against different targets
[i]2012.04.06 18:18:47 +7s Help <Jericho D'Angel> is it faster to cloak or align when coming out of gate timer?
[i]2012.04.06 18:18:47 +0s Help <Den Mar> i still can not drag and drop my contracts like before my long break here
[i]2012.04.06 18:18:48 +1s Help <Spork Witch> neither is better or worse
[i]2012.04.06 18:19:00 +12s Help <General Fuego> so there balanced
[i]2012.04.06 18:19:00 +0s Help <Spork Witch> jericho: if you have a covops cloak, do both
[i]2012.04.06 18:19:04 +4s Help <Spork Witch> fuego: yes
[i]2012.04.06 18:19:07 +3s Help <Lhaast Daiz> if you raise your standing with a pirate npc corp will you lose standing with their enemies?
[i]2012.04.06 18:19:09 +2s Help <Den Mar> items work but contracts not
[i]2012.04.06 18:19:19 +10s Help <Jericho D'Angel> cheers!
[i]2012.04.06 18:19:23 +4s Help <Burcina> love ccp they gonna add bountys on drones ;) why so late i wonder
[i]2012.04.06 18:19:24 +1s Help <Serenity Lust> jer : align MWD pulse cloak
[i]2012.04.06 18:19:37 +13s Help <Jericho D'Angel> cheers!
[i]2012.04.06 18:19:40 +3s Help <Spork Witch> burcina: because they gave compounds before
[i]2012.04.06 18:19:54 +14s Help <Spork Witch> they're giving them bounties because they're removing compounds
[i]2012.04.06 18:19:55 +1s Help <Burcina> its a clear disadvantage tho
[i]2012.04.06 18:20:01 +6s Help <Samantha Achasse> if i shoot a corp memeber can that corp member's corp attack me?
[i]2012.04.06 18:20:01 +0s Help <Hawklandier Taranogas> does anyone here know anything about time dilation?
[i]2012.04.06 18:20:03 +2s Help <Burcina> its much better with bountys
[i]2012.04.06 18:20:09 +6s Help <Serenity Lust> preferably align to something you're already facing
[i]2012.04.06 18:20:13 +4s Help <Spork Witch> burcina: that's arguable
[i]2012.04.06 18:20:22 +9s Help <Lutale Deninard> whats a silo
[i]2012.04.06 18:20:23 +1s Help <Burcina> you get cash instantly, no need to chase, no need to refine etc
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