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[i]2012.04.08 20:51:57 Amarr <AllTex Badasaz> shes not a bot
[i]2012.04.08 20:52:04 +7s Amarr <Adarina> barbie is tame, at least she dosnt spamm every 30 seconds like some of em
[i]2012.04.08 20:52:07 +3s Amarr <Templar Knightsbane> cyborg i heard
[i]2012.04.08 20:52:15 +8s Amarr <AllTex Badasaz> lol
[i]2012.04.08 20:52:18 +3s Amarr <Templar Knightsbane> no every 4mins 47 seconds
[i]2012.04.08 20:52:18 +0s Amarr <Nikuya Lootzor> did someone say she was baot?
[i]2012.04.08 20:52:21 +3s Amarr <Landokai> scams with a little tlc
[i]2012.04.08 20:52:26 +5s Amarr <Obval> Dread Guristas Mjolnir Cruise Missile*
[i]2012.04.08 20:52:41 +15s Amarr <Zeenid Snow> http://www.evealopalous.com/?ref=384368048 sign up, recieve 7m for free, 10m minimum withdraw, place some bets if you win ---> withdraw all if you lose cost you nothing hf
[i]2012.04.08 20:52:42 +1s Amarr <daWorld> another topic .... do you belive there is no eve bots?
[i]2012.04.08 20:52:49 +7s Amarr <AllTex Badasaz> did some one say bleach ur hair and look like a dbag...no you just do it
[i]2012.04.08 20:53:02 +13s Amarr <Landokai> eve is chock full of bots
[i]2012.04.08 20:53:04 +2s Amarr <Templar Knightsbane> eve has tons of vots
[i]2012.04.08 20:53:06 +2s Amarr <Templar Knightsbane> bots*
[i]2012.04.08 20:53:11 +5s Amarr <Sirius Xadi> Corelum C-Type 10MN Afterburner 130mPith A-Type EM Ward Field 345mPith A-Type Thermic Dissipation Field 99m
[i]2012.04.08 20:53:15 +4s Amarr <Templar Knightsbane> lots and lots
[i]2012.04.08 20:53:16 +1s Amarr <Adarina> there are bots in any game, where an advantage can be gained by haveing the ingame currency
[i]2012.04.08 20:53:27 +11s Amarr <Miss Guardian> [Multiple Items] (Item Exchange) incursion guadian faction where its important 300m
[i]2012.04.08 20:53:42 +15s Amarr <Landokai> theres elite bots that do some really cool shit
[i]2012.04.08 20:53:46 +4s Amarr <Amarr Price Check> [Want To Buy] Hulk, need before wormhole closes!
[i]2012.04.08 20:54:00 +14s Amarr <wagz waggy> does anyone know the fuel use on jump bridges in null sec. is it still on size of ship of just a set ammount per jump?
[i]2012.04.08 20:54:01 +1s Amarr <Verte Sinkon> half of the people talking to you are bots
[i]2012.04.08 20:54:01 +0s Amarr <Landokai> like mine 14 rigs at once
[i]2012.04.08 20:54:17 +16s Amarr <Amarr Price Check> ship size per jump
[i]2012.04.08 20:54:17 +0s Amarr <Miss Guardian> wagz waggy sig radius of ship
[i]2012.04.08 20:54:19 +2s Amarr <Nikuya Lootzor> bots killed my mom and raped my dad
[i]2012.04.08 20:54:21 +2s Amarr <Verte Sinkon> I could be a bot and I don't even know it!
[i]2012.04.08 20:54:24 +3s Amarr <Adarina> its the silly scams like that amarr price check guy that are boreing, unorignal
[i]2012.04.08 20:54:36 +12s Amarr <wagz waggy> thank you
[i]2012.04.08 20:54:44 +8s Amarr <Miss Guardian> selling 6% turrent damage on the market cheap
[i]2012.04.08 20:54:45 +1s Amarr <Verte Sinkon> heres a scam send me some money and I absolutely won't send back 2x the amount
[i]2012.04.08 20:54:50 +5s Amarr <Templar Knightsbane> its all un-original
[i]2012.04.08 20:54:53 +3s Amarr <Gildoran Toralen> Angel Small Artillery Battery 5 million off regular price!! If you have a POS you need these!!!
[i]2012.04.08 20:55:05 +12s Amarr <Templar Knightsbane> nothing scamwise in this game you could actually call, new
[i]2012.04.08 20:55:07 +2s Amarr <solroth> money
[i]2012.04.08 20:55:16 +9s Amarr <solroth> boobs
[i]2012.04.08 20:55:20 +4s Amarr <Sirius Xadi> Corelum C-Type 10MN Afterburner 130mPith A-Type EM Ward Field 345mPith A-Type Thermic Dissipation Field 99mcheapest in a...
[i]2012.04.08 20:55:43 +23s Amarr <Templar Knightsbane> ask robocop
[i]2012.04.08 20:55:45 +2s Amarr <Templar Knightsbane> he knows
[i]2012.04.08 20:55:51 +6s Amarr <Templar Knightsbane> i promise ya
[i]2012.04.08 20:56:19 +28s Amarr <Nikuya Lootzor> This is not a scam, send me ISK and I'll double it for you! Just send me 1mil first to prove im legit ;)
[i]2012.04.08 20:56:22 +3s Amarr <Templar Knightsbane> "PLEASE PUT DOWN YOUR WEAPONS YOU HAVE 30 SECONDS TO COMPLY"
[i]2012.04.08 20:56:35 +13s Amarr <Nikuya Lootzor> My favourite scam ^
[i]2012.04.08 20:56:52 +17s Amarr <Ashlar Vellum> buy this AMAZING COMBO [Multiple Items] now!! and get 5slaves free of charge!!!
[i]2012.04.08 20:56:54 +2s Amarr <kula kain> EXPANDING ROSTER -BoD- 800+ strong** Looking for corps in Derelik / Devoid / Curse / Great Wildlands / Scalding Pass / etherium reach. ** if you would like to reside in these region's alongside -BoD- Contact Kula Kain
[i]2012.04.08 20:56:55 +1s Amarr <Ashlar Vellum> even Empress Jamyl would be jealous
[i]2012.04.08 20:57:12 +17s Amarr <Atacus Cesear> Luv you too, Axel Stenmark :D
[i]2012.04.08 20:58:19 +67s Amarr <Angela Paq> https:///forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=1097028&#post1097028 selling a 8.9 mill sp amarr legion pilot
[i]2012.04.08 20:58:39 +20s Amarr <Landokai> S> space in 0.0 convo me
[i]2012.04.08 20:58:44 +5s Amarr <Vanessa Doshu> http://www.deviantbastard.com/files/w8y9dr.jpg
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