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[i]2012.04.10 17:35:03 Amarr <Unraveller Chase> america has one of the worst education systems around if u havent noticed
[i]2012.04.10 17:35:14 +11s Amarr <Khanid Shahni> Leza the funny part is Iran doesnt have an airforce that can reach us
[i]2012.04.10 17:35:16 +2s Amarr <Spaceship Barbie> all of those r playing the game, just some have a higher income than others :)
[i]2012.04.10 17:35:18 +2s Amarr <Gaiuslulius Caesar> potical discussion - yeah
[i]2012.04.10 17:35:23 +5s Amarr <Leza Bo ManHater> they have missles idiot
[i]2012.04.10 17:35:24 +1s Amarr <Nariya Kentaya> khanid, get a clue, wehave the top colleges, but guess what? a shit ton of the students are foreigners? and you know why? over half our population is too stupid or alzy to got o college
[i]2012.04.10 17:35:32 +8s Amarr <Leza Bo ManHater> n korea is launching satelite
[i]2012.04.10 17:35:34 +2s Amarr <Leza Bo ManHater> boom
[i]2012.04.10 17:35:38 +4s Amarr <Necessary Alternate> hehe barbie
[i]2012.04.10 17:35:40 +2s Amarr <Leza Bo ManHater> buhbai american idiots
[i]2012.04.10 17:35:42 +2s Amarr <Logan Solenda> Inherent Implants 'Noble' Hull Upgrades HG-1006
[i]2012.04.10 17:35:44 +2s Amarr <Mithiius> lol coming from countries that as soon as we start having some economic problems the europeans go broke
[i]2012.04.10 17:35:52 +8s Amarr <pheardoria> [Multiple Items] Hanger Cleanout. Cheaper than market
[i]2012.04.10 17:35:58 +6s Amarr <Trader Galvin> Amarr chat >>>>> Jita chat
[i]2012.04.10 17:35:58 +0s Amarr <Khanid Shahni> What college do you go to where most the people are foreign...
[i]2012.04.10 17:36:09 +11s Amarr <Dr4FT> go racism
[i]2012.04.10 17:36:13 +4s Amarr <Trader Galvin> lol
[i]2012.04.10 17:36:15 +2s Amarr <Scanghis Khan> yeah GO!
[i]2012.04.10 17:36:18 +3s Amarr <Scanghis Khan> haha
[i]2012.04.10 17:36:19 +1s Amarr <Nariya Kentaya> mithiius thats ebcause the global economy was absed in teh american stock market, no more so, since china has started using the london stock market
[i]2012.04.10 17:36:36 +17s Amarr <Khanid Shahni> America is still a very strong country
[i]2012.04.10 17:36:56 +20s Amarr <Aisha Kropotkin> Do you want 50mil starter isk free. Right click CCP Starter isk . To make it give you the starter isk select give money and put this code in exactly 24365896968 then hit ok. You should now have 50mil starter isk.
[i]2012.04.10 17:37:09 +13s Amarr <Nariya Kentaya> strong? the military si stretched thin over ahlf the globe, we make mroe enemies then friends, our economy si ALWAYS in the shit hole, we keep contracting peopel form OTHER coutnries to do our work for us
[i]2012.04.10 17:37:18 +9s Amarr <Leza Bo ManHater> hey idiot cant use ccp anywhere in your scams
[i]2012.04.10 17:37:25 +7s Amarr <Nariya Kentaya> oh,a dn our infrastructure that was only supposed to last 50 eayrs has been neglected for almost 80
[i]2012.04.10 17:37:42 +17s Amarr <Khanid Shahni> Where do you live..
[i]2012.04.10 17:37:44 +2s Amarr <Scanghis Khan> ^ look @ this guy... goin after the scams now lol
[i]2012.04.10 17:37:53 +9s Amarr <Spaceship Barbie> Thats it, I'm done with this game!... Take my money whoever wants it, trading it for 1 tritanium... enjoy.... [Want To Buy]
[i]2012.04.10 17:38:14 +21s Amarr <Nariya Kentaya> where do i live? why si that relevant? common knowledge the eastern seaboard is gonna lose its powergrid in the enxt few eyars, adn that the western seeaboard is going into the sea
[i]2012.04.10 17:38:27 +13s Amarr <Necessary Alternate> hahaha
[i]2012.04.10 17:38:27 +0s Amarr <Wugrat> will it help u type
[i]2012.04.10 17:38:27 +0s Amarr <Necessary Alternate> <3 Amarr chat haha
[i]2012.04.10 17:38:27 +0s Amarr <Nariya Kentaya> only country that will eb doing well in the long run are australia and japan
[i]2012.04.10 17:38:27 +0s Amarr <Trader Galvin> go the middle bit!
[i]2012.04.10 17:39:39 +72s Amarr <Nariya Kentaya> and thast cause by the time the japanese population hits 0 they will ahve replaced eevryone with gemini robots anyways
[i]2012.04.10 17:39:39 +0s Amarr <Khanid Shahni> Nariya dude....um...i honestly...are u high?
[i]2012.04.10 17:39:39 +0s Amarr <Necessary Alternate> hahaha
[i]2012.04.10 17:39:39 +0s Amarr <Corvar Estidal> "Common Knowledge" used to include that the world was flat, and sitting atop the back of a giant turtle.
[i]2012.04.10 17:39:41 +2s Amarr <Luarie Kronk> that turtle is too old to carry us around anymore
[i]2012.04.10 17:39:41 +0s Amarr <Khanid Shahni> yup shes high
[i]2012.04.10 17:39:41 +0s Amarr <Necessary Alternate> this is awesome
[i]2012.04.10 17:39:41 +0s Amarr <ramasun> hello i'm a nigger taleban and i play eve from my cave
[i]2012.04.10 17:39:42 +1s Amarr <Corvar Estidal> So, rely on "Common Knowledge" if you like.
[i]2012.04.10 17:39:42 +0s Amarr <Nariya Kentaya> right, so me quoting facts ADMITTED by the people in DC responsible for monitoring infrastructure amkes me high
[i]2012.04.10 17:39:57 +15s Amarr <Khanid Shahni> that japan is going to be replaced by robots....?
[i]2012.04.10 17:40:05 +8s Amarr <pheardoria> [Multiple Items] Hanger Cleanout. Cheaper than market
[i]2012.04.10 17:40:08 +3s Amarr <Raphael Morgenstern> ramasun : if you carry on using racist language you will be reported
[i]2012.04.10 17:40:24 +16s Amarr <Luarie Kronk> common knowledge states taht at the end of the myan calander the world will end
[i]2012.04.10 17:40:29 +5s Amarr <ramasun> omg
[i]2012.04.10 17:40:31 +2s Amarr <Nariya Kentaya> the japan by robots thing ahs been admitted by their government a long time ago, theyb rpefer a robot labor force for their dwindling population instead fo letting foreigners come in
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