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[i]2012.04.11 06:10:04 Help <ionageman TOG> fine
[i]2012.04.11 06:10:05 +1s Help <Cainebourne> what is the basic mining lazer meta 4 this? Cu Vapor Particle Bore Stream I
[i]2012.04.11 06:10:06 +1s Help <ReTnUhDrEn XIV> eve politics or the politics your afraid to confront?
[i]2012.04.11 06:10:06 +0s Help <Reinhard Rommel> Thanks ISD Rodiryth, everyday in EVE is a holiday! \o/
[i]2012.04.11 06:10:07 +1s Help <ionageman TOG> meh.. both suck
[i]2012.04.11 06:10:07 +0s Help <Xideinis> Yes Caine
[i]2012.04.11 06:10:07 +0s Help <Zoneras> how am i supposed to pronounce your name ReTnUhDrEn XIV
[i]2012.04.11 06:10:08 +1s Help <Cainebourne> ty
[i]2012.04.11 06:10:09 +1s Help <Zoneras> haha
[i]2012.04.11 06:10:09 +0s Help <Morag Ondr> nerdhunter
[i]2012.04.11 06:10:09 +0s Help <Xideinis> Just call him Ret
[i]2012.04.11 06:10:09 +0s Help <ISD Rodiryth> Zoneras, do like me - it shall now be "ReT"
[i]2012.04.11 06:10:09 +0s Help <ReTnUhDrEn XIV> oh snap..
[i]2012.04.11 06:10:09 +0s Help <Space-Huntress Yvormes> hi guys, is theer a table of which it shows the pirates thermal damage and so on?
[i]2012.04.11 06:10:10 +1s Help <Rook Otomeya> thk for help
[i]2012.04.11 06:10:10 +0s Help <ISD Rodiryth> Space, take a look at http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Damage_types (hopefully that's what you're referring to)
[i]2012.04.11 06:10:11 +1s Help <Space-Huntress Yvormes> i know what armor to use and what weapons are effective
[i]2012.04.11 06:10:11 +0s Help <Shaved Chubakka> fargo north dakota
[i]2012.04.11 06:10:11 +0s Help <ReTnUhDrEn XIV> decoded!
[i]2012.04.11 06:10:22 +11s Help <ReTnUhDrEn XIV> u win 1m isk
[i]2012.04.11 06:10:31 +9s Help <Luumu Herra> can someone link me ultra long range talos fit?
[i]2012.04.11 06:10:50 +19s Help <Morag Ondr> thanks!
[i]2012.04.11 06:11:04 +14s Help <Firnas> Luumu, better to learn it yourself
[i]2012.04.11 06:11:08 +4s Help <Firnas> That knowledge will last a lifetime
[i]2012.04.11 06:11:14 +6s Help <Luscius Uta> luumu, no, because naga does it better
[i]2012.04.11 06:11:34 +20s Help <Space-Huntress Yvormes> oh...perfect, thzank you so much rodiryth :-)
[i]2012.04.11 06:11:35 +1s Help <Firnas> Tornado does it best, because it is Minmatar
[i]2012.04.11 06:11:36 +1s Help <Zoneras> that's uhhh, why doesn't someone just give him what he asked for
[i]2012.04.11 06:11:52 +16s Help <Firnas> Because help channel is sometimes about meta help... ie making someone learn
[i]2012.04.11 06:12:20 +28s Help <joe phorum> and sometimes it's just about bacon
[i]2012.04.11 06:12:22 +2s Help <Xideinis> That's what she said
[i]2012.04.11 06:12:33 +11s Help <Luumu Herra> well can ya link me the better naga?
[i]2012.04.11 06:12:46 +13s Help <Luscius Uta> if someone is hungry here, we dont give them a fish - we teach them how to fish
[i]2012.04.11 06:12:57 +11s Help <Luumu Herra> i dont give a shit about fishing
[i]2012.04.11 06:13:12 +15s Help <Shaved Chubakka> i shit fish
[i]2012.04.11 06:13:26 +14s Help <joe phorum> give a man a match, and he's warm for a day - set a man on fire, and he's warm for the rest of his life
[i]2012.04.11 06:13:26 +0s Help <Xideinis> That's not surprising
[i]2012.04.11 06:13:27 +1s Help <Luscius Uta> i dont give a fish about shitting
[i]2012.04.11 06:13:35 +8s Help <Zoneras> you might want to get that checked out, Chubakka
[i]2012.04.11 06:13:50 +15s Help <Shaved Chubakka> its a gift really
[i]2012.04.11 06:14:02 +12s Help <Luscius Uta> plenty of naga fits on battleclinic
[i]2012.04.11 06:14:21 +19s Help <Xideinis> Just remember Luu, lots of speed and lots of range. ;)
[i]2012.04.11 06:14:29 +8s Help <Luumu Herra> why speed?
[i]2012.04.11 06:14:42 +13s Help <artoodeetoo> keep range duh
[i]2012.04.11 06:14:43 +1s Help <Firnas> Well, i assume since you don't have tank, speed is key
[i]2012.04.11 06:14:46 +3s Help <Firnas> also range
[i]2012.04.11 06:15:00 +14s Help <Firnas> someone in a loki will come give you a BIIIIG hug
[i]2012.04.11 06:15:02 +2s Help <Xideinis> Cause then you can play tag with your enemies. And yeah, those T3 BC's don't have any tank to speak of
[i]2012.04.11 06:15:10 +8s Help <Shaved Chubakka> girth
[i]2012.04.11 06:15:11 +1s Help <Zoneras> not that i've helped the problem today at all, but it seems to me help is pretty overall evasive about giving people exactly what they ask for
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