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[i]2012.04.14 12:11:49 Help <coolruningc> then try recutning channle
[i]2012.04.14 12:11:58 +9s Help <coolruningc> or help my mission
[i]2012.04.14 12:12:16 +18s Help <the qween alisbth> o
[i]2012.04.14 12:12:45 +29s Help <Dalton MacLeod> 2003 should not need ehlp
[i]2012.04.14 12:12:50 +5s Help <Dalton MacLeod> help
[i]2012.04.14 12:12:57 +7s Help <Contessa Phedre> dalton: things change and chars are sold
[i]2012.04.14 12:13:00 +3s Help <coolruningc> lol I genraly don't
[i]2012.04.14 12:13:01 +1s Help <Sudden Burst> looking for agentrunner who dont loot and salvage his wrecks
[i]2012.04.14 12:13:07 +6s Help <Enumero> ive got 6 probes and no matter what I do I cant get the 98% signal to 100% to get the location
[i]2012.04.14 12:13:13 +6s Help <Contessa Phedre> sudden: you've been pointed to appropriate channels for that
[i]2012.04.14 12:13:23 +10s Help <coolruningc> sudden brust please do not spam hear
[i]2012.04.14 12:13:25 +2s Help <Contessa Phedre> enumero: you might just not have the skills
[i]2012.04.14 12:13:26 +1s Help <Sigel Zerathis> Anyone else experiencing issues with their sounds? Like a Salvager-sound persisting after the module has run its course, or the station music never stopping?
[i]2012.04.14 12:13:32 +6s Help <Contessa Phedre> eve has sound?
[i]2012.04.14 12:13:39 +7s Help <Dreamer PT> no
[i]2012.04.14 12:13:42 +3s Help <coolruningc> and mp3s
[i]2012.04.14 12:13:43 +1s Help <Molinator Agnon> yes
[i]2012.04.14 12:14:01 +18s Help <Foxi Lady> switch it on and off, sometimes fixes it. if not clear cache and re-log
[i]2012.04.14 12:14:17 +16s Help <Enumero> okay, wil train the astrometrics a bit more
[i]2012.04.14 12:14:21 +4s Help <Sigel Zerathis> it does, but only for that one time
[i]2012.04.14 12:14:34 +13s Help <Sigel Zerathis> It happens at least 5-6 times pr hour
[i]2012.04.14 12:15:12 +38s Help <Sudden Burst> can someone tell me agentrunners channel?
[i]2012.04.14 12:15:14 +2s Help <Foxi Lady> Check the forums, might be a wrok around. But Sound in EVE is low low priority. :9
[i]2012.04.14 12:15:30 +16s Help <mainland man> Enumero try fitting a Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I
[i]2012.04.14 12:15:42 +12s Help <Sigel Zerathis> Foxi Lady I guess :) I like it, but I reckon Id prefer smooth gameplay > Sound :P
[i]2012.04.14 12:15:49 +7s Help <Skalet> how do i turn on WiS?
[i]2012.04.14 12:16:02 +13s Help <Takhasis Mouse> What can you do against jammers?
[i]2012.04.14 12:16:03 +1s Help <Dalton MacLeod> theres alwas mute and guess what no sounds
[i]2012.04.14 12:16:04 +1s Help <Coolwater Aideron> hello, is there any point to getting jury rigging level 5 ??? what does that extra level give u??
[i]2012.04.14 12:16:13 +9s Help <Dalton MacLeod> look it up
[i]2012.04.14 12:16:14 +1s Help <Meizu Kho> dock and upper right button enter cq
[i]2012.04.14 12:16:16 +2s Help <Inari Visas> Question regarding mining. Mined ore is better served intact, or reprocessed, or depends on the ore?
[i]2012.04.14 12:16:17 +1s Help <Enumero> Enumero's Helios I have two
[i]2012.04.14 12:16:23 +6s Help <Foxi Lady> Sigel - Can;t argue with that, but sound in EVE's been more neglected than eastern european sex slaves
[i]2012.04.14 12:16:26 +3s Help <Raith Miller> I have 7 sisters probes and a sisters launcher with all the scanning skills ( astrometrics, rangefinding, pinpointing) at lvl 4 yet sometimes I encounter a sig, usually gravimetric that I can only get to 93% and I just give up lol. must be I need lvl 5
[i]2012.04.14 12:16:28 +2s Help <coolruningc> esc display and grapchis unclick the station enviorment
[i]2012.04.14 12:16:37 +9s Help <Skalet> tnx
[i]2012.04.14 12:16:50 +13s Help <Foxi Lady> Inari - depends on your skills, and market
[i]2012.04.14 12:17:00 +10s Help <Meizu Kho> inari depends on your refining skill
[i]2012.04.14 12:17:00 +0s Help <Sigel Zerathis> Foxi Lady I thought those were tended to quite frequently? :D But seriously - the sound shouldnt take long to fix
[i]2012.04.14 12:17:02 +2s Help <Luna Hekki> what the heck? you cant warp if your speed is more than your max by quite abit?
[i]2012.04.14 12:17:09 +7s Help <Meizu Kho> with little waste its better to refine
[i]2012.04.14 12:17:14 +5s Help <Foxi Lady> best way to check is reprocess a batch, and compare prices
[i]2012.04.14 12:17:16 +2s Help <Contessa Phedre> luna: you can, but you have to be aligned properly
[i]2012.04.14 12:17:20 +4s Help <Mother 3arth> no luna, probly just not aimed
[i]2012.04.14 12:17:25 +5s Help <Inari Visas> So ore and it's materials are situation-related specifics?
[i]2012.04.14 12:17:27 +2s Help <Contessa Phedre> luna: if you're moving very fast, it takes longer to align properly
[i]2012.04.14 12:17:28 +1s Help <Suraii Isu> Inari Visas depends mostly on ore, but reprocessed is recommended
[i]2012.04.14 12:17:32 +4s Help <Mother 3arth> also must be with in 5 degrees of target
[i]2012.04.14 12:17:46 +14s Help <Mother 3arth> and stable at that alignment like contessa said
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