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[i]2011.12.16 09:33:39 Amarr <Karn Dulake> he lives in a bungerlow
[i]2011.12.16 09:33:40 +1s Amarr <Infernal Travesty> Incorrect \o/
[i]2011.12.16 09:33:41 +1s Amarr <Lock Sprocket> Wait a minute
[i]2011.12.16 09:33:47 +6s Amarr <Lock Sprocket> Bungalos dont have stairs
[i]2011.12.16 09:33:50 +3s Amarr <Infernal Travesty> Correct Karn :)
[i]2011.12.16 09:33:54 +4s Amarr <Bortz Yukon> he has no stairs
[i]2011.12.16 09:33:55 +1s Amarr <Lock Sprocket> God damnit xD
[i]2011.12.16 09:33:56 +1s Amarr <Karn Dulake> thanks
[i]2011.12.16 09:34:07 +11s Amarr <Infernal Travesty> Choose a number between 1 and 4 for your space junk prize
[i]2011.12.16 09:34:08 +1s Amarr <drewg> I know what he says when you go in
[i]2011.12.16 09:34:16 +8s Amarr <Karn Dulake> number 2
[i]2011.12.16 09:34:19 +3s Amarr <Tenla Amarr> 3.4
[i]2011.12.16 09:34:21 +2s Amarr <Infernal Travesty> True Sansha Reflective Plating
[i]2011.12.16 09:34:29 +8s Amarr <Tenla Amarr> as i was first asshat
[i]2011.12.16 09:34:46 +17s Amarr <Etekoon> 0.o
[i]2011.12.16 09:35:03 +17s Amarr <Karn Dulake> thank you
[i]2011.12.16 09:35:10 +7s Amarr <Lock Sprocket> Tenla did answer first ._.
[i]2011.12.16 09:35:11 +1s Amarr <Infernal Travesty> Oh I'm sorry, I'll give you a prize too :)
[i]2011.12.16 09:36:09 +58s Amarr <Tenla Amarr> i need no prise, im a lone amswerer
[i]2011.12.16 09:36:30 +21s Amarr <Sentenced 1989> Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer
[i]2011.12.16 09:36:34 +4s Amarr <Infernal Travesty> Bah and here I was hoping to get rid of the last of this crap.
[i]2011.12.16 09:36:42 +8s Amarr <Lock Sprocket> I'll take it
[i]2011.12.16 09:36:44 +2s Amarr <Karn Dulake> lols
[i]2011.12.16 09:36:54 +10s Amarr <Infernal Travesty> And it really is a big pile of crap
[i]2011.12.16 09:36:56 +2s Amarr <marketcheckerman> did I miss the question
[i]2011.12.16 09:37:14 +18s Amarr <Infernal Travesty> ok final question for 3 really really shit prizes
[i]2011.12.16 09:37:34 +20s Amarr <Karn Dulake> i think the question was will people take anything in this game and the answer appers to be yes
[i]2011.12.16 09:37:47 +13s Amarr <Tenla Amarr> i dont
[i]2011.12.16 09:37:56 +9s Amarr <Infernal Travesty> Hmmmm need a question....
[i]2011.12.16 09:37:58 +2s Amarr <Ben Liebrand> lol
[i]2011.12.16 09:38:02 +4s Amarr <Karn Dulake> i just did but i did not realise it was a game
[i]2011.12.16 09:38:17 +15s Amarr <marketcheckerman> What the capitol in Idaho/
[i]2011.12.16 09:38:20 +3s Amarr <marketcheckerman> ?
[i]2011.12.16 09:38:24 +4s Amarr <Lock Sprocket> Potatoland
[i]2011.12.16 09:38:27 +3s Amarr <Karn Dulake> lols
[i]2011.12.16 09:38:28 +1s Amarr <Infernal Travesty> I
[i]2011.12.16 09:38:31 +3s Amarr <CHRISJACK2485> boise
[i]2011.12.16 09:38:32 +1s Amarr <marketcheckerman> ding
[i]2011.12.16 09:38:35 +3s Amarr <marketcheckerman> I
[i]2011.12.16 09:38:41 +6s Amarr <Darksteel Rifter> boise like the potato brand
[i]2011.12.16 09:38:41 +0s Amarr <Infernal Travesty> \o/
[i]2011.12.16 09:38:42 +1s Amarr <Karn Dulake> hey captain america are you from idaho by any chance
[i]2011.12.16 09:38:46 +4s Amarr <marketcheckerman> you keep your prizes
[i]2011.12.16 09:39:02 +16s Amarr <Iriya Kana> True Sansha Medium Beam Laser Battery x 3 True Sansha Medium Beam Laser Battery x 3 Shadow Warp Disruption Battery <url=contract:3000...
[i]2011.12.16 09:39:02 +0s Amarr <Darksteel Rifter> captain kirk is from iowa
[i]2011.12.16 09:39:08 +6s Amarr <Darksteel Rifter> he only works in outer space
[i]2011.12.16 09:39:10 +2s Amarr <Karn Dulake> :)
[i]2011.12.16 09:39:37 +27s Amarr <Karn Dulake> but it looks like infernal has been running old meanie just a bit to much
[i]2011.12.16 09:39:48 +11s Amarr <marketcheckerman> Tornado Blueprint someone buy this for 550m I need plex now
[i]2011.12.16 09:39:52 +4s Amarr <Infernal Travesty> ok, a bit of a long one here....
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