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[i]2012.04.15 06:03:32 Amarr <Xerxes Apol> without getting ganked
[i]2012.04.15 06:03:38 +6s Amarr <Whiskers of Doom> I will because I'm not juicy enough to waste tornadoes on
[i]2012.04.15 06:03:46 +8s Amarr <Yureina Ardlien> One does not simply walk into Amarr. :o
[i]2012.04.15 06:04:00 +14s Amarr <Xerxes Apol> There can be only one
[i]2012.04.15 06:04:07 +7s Amarr <Spaceship Barbie> Thats it, I'm done with this game!... Take my money whoever wants it, trading it for 1 tritanium... enjoy.... [Want To Buy]
[i]2012.04.15 06:04:26 +19s Amarr <Ati Malakia> lol
[i]2012.04.15 06:04:35 +9s Amarr <Hans Oktane> Thunderdome time.
[i]2012.04.15 06:04:39 +4s Amarr <StinkEye McNuttz> ahhhh Spaceship Barbie.... i've been missing you
[i]2012.04.15 06:04:41 +2s Amarr <Hans Oktane> awww yeah
[i]2012.04.15 06:04:58 +17s Amarr <Olaro Raholan> wtf where all my money go... how u still my money!?!?!?
[i]2012.04.15 06:05:01 +3s Amarr <Xerxes Apol> two men enter
[i]2012.04.15 06:05:06 +5s Amarr <Xerxes Apol> one man leaves
[i]2012.04.15 06:05:10 +4s Amarr <Olaro Raholan> he sold me a tritanium
[i]2012.04.15 06:05:21 +11s Amarr <StinkEye McNuttz> LMAO
[i]2012.04.15 06:05:26 +5s Amarr <Spaceship Barbie> yeah right olaro you wish you could afford one
[i]2012.04.15 06:05:27 +1s Amarr <StinkEye McNuttz> yes he did
[i]2012.04.15 06:05:33 +6s Amarr <pheardoria> [Multiple Items] Hanger Cleanout. Cheaper than market
[i]2012.04.15 06:05:33 +0s Amarr <Whiskers of Doom> Spaceship Barbie is not a hero Amarr needs, but she's the one it deserves
[i]2012.04.15 06:05:52 +19s Amarr <Rand Tarkensen> dwwas
[i]2012.04.15 06:05:53 +1s Amarr <StinkEye McNuttz> a whore amongst whores
[i]2012.04.15 06:05:54 +1s Amarr <Rand Tarkensen> dw
[i]2012.04.15 06:05:58 +4s Amarr <Xerxes Apol> HEY
[i]2012.04.15 06:06:04 +6s Amarr <Xerxes Apol> I SAID THAT LIKE YESTERDAY
[i]2012.04.15 06:06:10 +6s Amarr <Whiskers of Doom> Do you punch your mother with that mouth?
[i]2012.04.15 06:06:15 +5s Amarr <StinkEye McNuttz> lol
[i]2012.04.15 06:06:46 +31s Amarr <Xerxes Apol> wait
[i]2012.04.15 06:06:56 +10s Amarr <Xerxes Apol> how does one punch with their mouth
[i]2012.04.15 06:07:20 +24s Amarr <Kiimana Ataru> Pheardoria, its cheap... but no resale value :(
[i]2012.04.15 06:07:20 +0s Amarr <YungJeff14> its a feat only achieved by chuck norris' magical beard fist
[i]2012.04.15 06:07:20 +0s Amarr <Xerxes Apol> i thought it was a mystical beard fist
[i]2012.04.15 06:07:20 +0s Amarr <StinkEye McNuttz> he punched me in the nuttz with his tongue once...
[i]2012.04.15 06:09:31 +131s Amarr <Hans Oktane> fuckin retriever, learn how to drive!
[i]2012.04.15 06:09:31 +0s Amarr <YungJeff14> id say that sucks but... chuck norris' honored you with that action
[i]2012.04.15 06:09:41 +10s Amarr <Spaceship Barbie> Thats it, I'm done with this game!... Take my money whoever wants it, trading it for 1 tritanium... enjoy.... [Want To Buy]
[i]2012.04.15 06:09:58 +17s Amarr <Hans Oktane> sterring your mining rig like an asian woman
[i]2012.04.15 06:10:00 +2s Amarr <StinkEye McNuttz> no no no ..... not Chuck. Whiskers of Doom
[i]2012.04.15 06:10:26 +26s Amarr <Whiskers of Doom> True story
[i]2012.04.15 06:10:31 +5s Amarr <StinkEye McNuttz> LOL
[i]2012.04.15 06:10:35 +4s Amarr <Whiskers of Doom> My tongue has quite a lot of torque - and thrust
[i]2012.04.15 06:10:58 +23s Amarr <Xerxes Apol> so does my ship
[i]2012.04.15 06:12:53 +115s Amarr <YungJeff14> mines cloaky so its almost as if nothings there
[i]2012.04.15 06:14:04 +71s Amarr <Xerxes Apol> it's almost as if it doesnt exist
[i]2012.04.15 06:14:22 +18s Amarr <YungJeff14> but then i wouldnt be able to talk :(
[i]2012.04.15 06:16:31 +129s Amarr <Xerxes Apol> you talk with your...ship
[i]2012.04.15 06:18:29 +118s Amarr <Ivory Harcourt> obviously
[i]2012.04.15 06:18:57 +28s Amarr <Ivory Harcourt> I can clearly hear the voice of my ship in my head
[i]2012.04.15 06:19:07 +10s Amarr <Ivory Harcourt> During those long nights alone in the space.
[i]2012.04.15 06:19:47 +40s Amarr <Xerxes Apol> THis is one
[i]2012.04.15 06:20:33 +46s Amarr <Xerxes Apol> it sure is lonely in space. With only my ship to keep me company. My beautiful rifter. So cold and metallic...mmmmmm....
[i]2012.04.15 06:20:34 +1s Amarr <Darth B30NZ> navy domi 3 ccc's 360 anyone intrested?
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