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[i]2012.04.16 00:02:44 neweden-radio <ninjaholic> inyourendo alert
[i]2012.04.16 00:02:45 +1s neweden-radio <somthing Lionheart> lolz
[i]2012.04.16 00:03:45 +60s neweden-radio <ninjaholic> http://bit.ly/xdPzF0
[i]2012.04.16 00:04:10 +25s neweden-radio <DJ Tranze> paper jamz
[i]2012.04.16 00:05:27 +77s neweden-radio <ninjaholic> Lead singer for Vanilla Ice is now a cabbie. Shit you not.
[i]2012.04.16 00:06:07 +40s neweden-radio <DJ Tranze> vanilla ice renovates houses in west palm what u smokin
[i]2012.04.16 00:06:34 +27s neweden-radio <Torbin McKnight> Tranze is correct!
[i]2012.04.16 00:06:38 +4s neweden-radio <ninjaholic> K well he musta changed jobs since the TV show I saw him in.
[i]2012.04.16 00:06:47 +9s neweden-radio <ninjaholic> Or he was trollin'
[i]2012.04.16 00:06:50 +3s neweden-radio <DJ Tranze> hes even got his own show on DIY
[i]2012.04.16 00:06:54 +4s neweden-radio <ninjaholic> :o
[i]2012.04.16 00:07:11 +17s neweden-radio <DJ Tranze> hes still cute
[i]2012.04.16 00:07:11 +0s neweden-radio <ninjaholic> lol
[i]2012.04.16 00:08:26 +75s neweden-radio <ninjaholic> rofl
[i]2012.04.16 00:08:26 +0s neweden-radio <Vesticles Andrard> hehe
[i]2012.04.16 00:08:26 +0s neweden-radio <ninjaholic> BECAUSE THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS AFTER ALL
[i]2012.04.16 00:09:09 +43s neweden-radio <DJ Tranze> lol
[i]2012.04.16 00:09:09 +0s neweden-radio <ninjaholic> I wonder does he him his own music when he's DIY'in
[i]2012.04.16 00:09:10 +1s neweden-radio <ninjaholic> GO PLASTER GO PLASTER GO
[i]2012.04.16 00:09:10 +0s neweden-radio <DJ Tranze> lol
[i]2012.04.16 00:09:10 +0s neweden-radio <DJ Tranze> or raps the steps to fix something
[i]2012.04.16 00:09:10 +0s neweden-radio <ninjaholic> lol yea
[i]2012.04.16 00:09:13 +3s neweden-radio <ninjaholic> Aw man I gotta get this idea in to his head somehow
[i]2012.04.16 00:10:44 +91s neweden-radio <ninjaholic> Haahhha TOLD
[i]2012.04.16 00:26:40 +956s neweden-radio <Darth Skorpius> is the lotto over yet?
[i]2012.04.16 00:27:12 +32s neweden-radio <Vesticles Andrard> an hour ago
[i]2012.04.16 00:39:15 +723s neweden-radio <Dante Burke> I like naps.
[i]2012.04.16 01:05:45 +1590s neweden-radio <DJ Tranze> night guys
[i]2012.04.16 01:05:46 +1s neweden-radio <Reaver Glitterstim> o/
[i]2012.04.16 01:05:46 +0s neweden-radio <Dante Burke> Nighty night Tranze.
[i]2012.04.16 01:05:47 +1s neweden-radio <Reaver Glitterstim> sleep well and don't let the slaver hounds bite
[i]2012.04.16 01:05:49 +2s neweden-radio <DJ Tranze> lol
[i]2012.04.16 01:05:53 +4s neweden-radio <Vesticles Andrard> o/
[i]2012.04.16 01:05:56 +3s neweden-radio <Reaver Glitterstim> Fallen Angel behold the autocannothron
[i]2012.04.16 01:17:34 +698s neweden-radio <Stan Smith> o/
[i]2012.04.16 03:03:41 +6367s neweden-radio <Sir Builds'alot> hey all
[i]2012.04.16 03:04:33 +52s neweden-radio <Dante Burke> o/
[i]2012.04.16 03:05:21 +48s neweden-radio <Plekto> I miss Tranze
[i]2012.04.16 03:10:06 +285s neweden-radio <Stan Smith> hi fantaz
[i]2012.04.16 03:10:29 +23s neweden-radio <Stan Smith> hey dante, plekto
[i]2012.04.16 03:12:33 +124s neweden-radio <Sir Builds'alot> hey stan
[i]2012.04.16 03:12:42 +9s neweden-radio <Sir Builds'alot> sorry multi tasking as usual =P
[i]2012.04.16 03:14:04 +82s neweden-radio <Sir Builds'alot> im refining ore in firefall while listening to xan's show while also running hauling missions in eve
[i]2012.04.16 03:14:11 +7s neweden-radio <Sir Builds'alot> while also chatting in eve and IRC
[i]2012.04.16 03:14:13 +2s neweden-radio <Sir Builds'alot> =P
[i]2012.04.16 03:14:54 +41s neweden-radio <Plekto> hi
[i]2012.04.16 03:19:45 +291s neweden-radio <Sir Builds'alot> hey plekto
[i]2012.04.16 03:23:45 +240s neweden-radio <Sir Builds'alot> so whats everyone up to?
[i]2012.04.16 03:24:28 +43s neweden-radio <Stan Smith> reading stuff online
[i]2012.04.16 03:24:40 +12s neweden-radio <Sir Builds'alot> nice
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