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[i]2011.12.30 07:53:12 Amarr <Boom Boom Longtime> dude
[i]2011.12.30 07:53:18 +6s Amarr <Tarsas Phage> you apparently be fucked enough to come here smack
[i]2011.12.30 07:53:18 +0s Amarr <Shira Glazdon> what's hilarious is that once you do start getting beat up, you'll try and deagress and dock up. It's the same story with you highsec wardecers
[i]2011.12.30 07:53:29 +11s Amarr <Regam Voss> dude, where shall my car be located at
[i]2011.12.30 07:53:50 +21s Amarr <AdamiaMaxima> more i was already here maybe?
[i]2011.12.30 07:54:05 +15s Amarr <Tarsas Phage> same story with you guys
[i]2011.12.30 07:54:35 +30s Amarr <Boom Boom Longtime> Shira Glazdon you have no solo kills
[i]2011.12.30 07:54:43 +8s Amarr <Regam Voss> i hope Amarr likes my light show better then the Jita people
[i]2011.12.30 07:55:01 +18s Amarr <Shira Glazdon> yes, it's called teamwork. That's how nullsec works
[i]2011.12.30 07:55:03 +2s Amarr <Boom Boom Longtime> unless you would like to link something
[i]2011.12.30 07:55:13 +10s Amarr <Rex Viagra> aka blobs
[i]2011.12.30 07:55:30 +17s Amarr <Tarsas Phage> hi adamia. put up or shut up
[i]2011.12.30 07:55:59 +29s Amarr <Tarsas Phage> unlike, say, the orphans, we dont mind if our distance from a station increments
[i]2011.12.30 07:55:59 +0s Amarr <AdamiaMaxima> mhhm
[i]2011.12.30 07:56:01 +2s Amarr <Boom Boom Longtime> and yet you feel you can smack it up in high sec local based on killing shit in numbers in oo
[i]2011.12.30 07:56:13 +12s Amarr <Boom Boom Longtime> lol shira gtfo
[i]2011.12.30 07:56:15 +2s Amarr <AdamiaMaxima> maybe we could meat half way?
[i]2011.12.30 07:56:38 +23s Amarr <Shira Glazdon> nah, I can smack talk all I want to people who wardec us
[i]2011.12.30 07:56:40 +2s Amarr <Tarsas Phage> I'm here. take it or leave it
[i]2011.12.30 07:56:47 +7s Amarr <AdamiaMaxima> maybe meat us in 3-f or somthing?
[i]2011.12.30 07:56:50 +3s Amarr <AdamiaMaxima> half way
[i]2011.12.30 07:57:00 +10s Amarr <Shira Glazdon> one of the benefits
[i]2011.12.30 07:57:01 +1s Amarr <Tarsas Phage> ah, so you can light a cyno and drop your caps
[i]2011.12.30 07:57:04 +3s Amarr <AdamiaMaxima> and brah im not up there so dont boher trying to decloak me
[i]2011.12.30 07:57:07 +3s Amarr <AdamiaMaxima> haha no,
[i]2011.12.30 07:57:15 +8s Amarr <AdamiaMaxima> why would we use caps when we can beat you with subcaps
[i]2011.12.30 07:57:19 +4s Amarr <Tarsas Phage> "come to my home wher I can hide behind the skirt of my alliance mates"
[i]2011.12.30 07:57:25 +6s Amarr <Tarsas Phage> is what you're saying
[i]2011.12.30 07:57:25 +0s Amarr <AdamiaMaxima> nope
[i]2011.12.30 07:57:30 +5s Amarr <AdamiaMaxima> we live 20 jus from there
[i]2011.12.30 07:57:39 +9s Amarr <AdamiaMaxima> why i said meat us half way dumbass
[i]2011.12.30 07:57:44 +5s Amarr <Boom Boom Longtime> i want ur jus
[i]2011.12.30 07:57:53 +9s Amarr <Regam Voss> PEOPLE OF AMARR!!! calm down and enjoy the light show, so serious are you tonight
[i]2011.12.30 07:58:59 +66s Amarr <Shira Glazdon> well it's late and I have a long day tomorrow, so I'm gonna head off. Have fun sitting there Phage.
[i]2011.12.30 07:59:19 +20s Amarr <AdamiaMaxima> and tarsas
[i]2011.12.30 07:59:22 +3s Amarr <AdamiaMaxima> in his lovely proteus
[i]2011.12.30 08:00:14 +52s Amarr <Tarsas Phage> heh, I was just docked up here to have a smoke. camping stations isn't my style
[i]2011.12.30 08:00:25 +11s Amarr <Tarsas Phage> I came back to see this standard drivel in local
[i]2011.12.30 08:01:01 +36s Amarr <Shira Glazdon> Apologies, I suppose that's just meant for your corpmate in the absolution then.
[i]2011.12.30 08:01:10 +9s Amarr <Tarsas Phage> he does his own thing
[i]2011.12.30 08:01:40 +30s Amarr <Metlos> Does anyone know if Cargo hold expanders are culmulative with each other?
[i]2011.12.30 08:02:24 +44s Amarr <MONTYJOHN> yes they stack
[i]2011.12.30 08:02:40 +16s Amarr <Metlos> ok, thanks
[i]2011.12.30 08:03:07 +27s Amarr <Tarsas Phage> toodles. adamia. perhaps next time you can be more exciting than just another cloaky smacker
[i]2011.12.30 08:04:17 +70s Amarr <ATOMSMASHER> Win a Vindicator battleship with your Character Portrait at http://EvePortraits.com
[i]2011.12.30 08:06:45 +148s Amarr <ATOMSMASHER> Submit your Character's Portrait for FREE to be in the Gallery at http://EvePortraits.com. Be a Part of Eve History.
[i]2011.12.30 08:07:19 +34s Amarr <Metlos> Can you get Higher % extra Cargoholds than Expanded Cargohold II ?
[i]2011.12.30 08:07:51 +32s Amarr <ATOMSMASHER> no
[i]2011.12.30 08:07:51 +0s Amarr <Regam Voss> no
[i]2011.12.30 08:07:53 +2s Amarr <carmichael1197 Cartwring> no metlos. unfortanaetly not. you can put on cargo hold optimization rigs though.
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