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[i]2014.04.19 06:48:37 Dodixie <Tommy Gold> dark humor is like cancer......not everyone gets it ;)
[i]2014.04.19 06:48:38 +1s RAISA Shield <andron oxyen> да везде где придется
[i]2014.04.19 06:48:39 +1s Amarr <Zander Kumamato> Tenla' Amarr don't think that is true as some microscopes use a single atom to brush the surface of underlying things to show us those images.
[i]2014.04.19 06:48:39 +0s EVE-Radio <Savastan> what'd he do to piss the germans off?
[i]2014.04.19 06:48:42 +3s E-UNI <Reyna Al'Zedra> they all have their intel nets they share and report wanderers in, or at least supposed to
[i]2014.04.19 06:48:46 +4s RAISA Shield <andron oxyen> ну кроме вашего канала)
[i]2014.04.19 06:48:49 +3s Dodixie <Mister McTrusty Pants> Nobody wants cancer.
[i]2014.04.19 06:48:51 +2s EVE-Radio <Jandice Ymladris> criminals are all like *Damn man, he devalues my streetcred!*
[i]2014.04.19 06:48:52 +1s Jita <Neanderthal Guy> . Each box has a prize from 1/2 up to 3x its value:100M Box - 200M Box - 300M Box - 400M Box - 500M BoxTry it and good luck ;)
[i]2014.04.19 06:48:53 +1s Jita <Cetan Bennu> kids play nice now
[i]2014.04.19 06:48:54 +1s E-UNI <Reyna Al'Zedra> purely a matter of whether people want to trap or chase ya at all
[i]2014.04.19 06:48:55 +1s Amarr <Tenla' Amarr> Zander Kumamato its ture
[i]2014.04.19 06:48:58 +3s Amarr <Tomk Thompson> I was Just wondering Amarr if umm ... anywant wants there isk double 126% legit :)
[i]2014.04.19 06:48:58 +0s Amarr <Tenla' Amarr> true*
[i]2014.04.19 06:48:59 +1s EVE-Radio <Jandice Ymladris> he left his monkey in germany
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:02 +3s Jita <Fighter Jets GuitarSolo> Small Beer sent 100m, I sent 200m back
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:04 +2s Jita <Vinz Klorto> Come see the violence inherent in the system!
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:05 +1s Amarr <Captain Lawdog> agree with ander
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:07 +2s EVE-Radio <Saderign> Battie Sueh Bahb justin biebler and mary cyrus... damn degenerates
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:08 +1s Amarr <Tenla' Amarr> has to be, was on the internets
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:08 +0s Dodixie <Mister McTrusty Pants> Some people like dark humor though!
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:09 +1s Amarr <Captain Lawdog> zander
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:09 +0s RAISA Shield <Shyillo> так что в нулях ждоход большой но не навномерный
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:13 +4s Jita <Quin Fabray> [Multiple Items] (Auction)
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:13 +0s Jita <Alex RJ Stars> Want To Buy 2 x PLEX for 1.74 Billion
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:13 +0s EVE-Radio <Jandice Ymladris> hence: neglection (has new owners now tho)
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:14 +1s Recruitment <Slak Mcgee> http://www.evespies.com/content/welcome/ - Use this to list AWOXERS, THEIVES and MORE.
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:17 +3s Amarr <Raven Mystique> [Selling 1 x PLEX for 620 Mill]
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:24 +7s Jita <Fighter Jets GuitarSolo> Eve's ONLY honest and ethical ISK doubler is back in Jita! Minimum 50M investment, limit 3 investments per player. If you didn't read the rules in my bio, you paid those that did! No charity + No scams = Ethical doubling.
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:28 +4s Mining <Nizzy55> its difficult for me to view it as 'imperialistic freedom fighters'
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:32 +4s Jita <Faby Rasputin> OH NO
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:32 +0s EVE-Radio <Savastan> ahh.
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:32 +0s Dodixie <R4Droid> i like expose humor
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:33 +1s Jita <Fighter Jets GuitarSolo> Help me, CCP, i'm being tortured
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:34 +1s Help <Celina Aaggaataat> I feel kinda stupid but I can't see either on the simple or the advanced view... :/
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:34 +0s EVE-Radio <Battie Sueh Bahb> He's just a kid, right? didn't kill anyone?
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:36 +2s Amarr <Dr FearBringer> kalimera
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:37 +1s Jita <Fighter Jets GuitarSolo> please intervene
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:37 +0s neweden-radio <Stan Smith> http://i.imgur.com/GltrpPh.jpg
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:39 +2s RAISA Shield <andron oxyen> не знаю кто хочет тот крабит а потом на кта веселится на все про все 4 часа максимум
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:43 +4s Recruitment <Sir QQ> http://taag.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=14625590 when i had that toon
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:46 +3s Jita <tosha Huren> the only good scamer is a dead scamer :)
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:47 +1s Amarr <Tenla' Amarr> Zander Kumamato a needle any sharper and the fracture
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:49 +2s Amarr <Zander Kumamato> we have tungsten nanotips now
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:51 +2s Amarr <Zander Kumamato> nano tip.
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:52 +1s Jita <Cetan Bennu> SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:55 +3s EVE-Radio <Saderign> hes a mind control assassin
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:55 +0s EVE-Radio <Jandice Ymladris> correct battie, but animal neglect is a serious thing
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:57 +2s Mining <Nizzy55> americans kill a lot of people to enforce ..
[i]2014.04.19 06:49:58 +1s Dodixie <R4Droid> to discover the stupidity of something and avoid it
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